BIOTREND’s bioactive lipids

We at BIOTREND, manufacture and sell a broad range of lipids for biochemical research, specifically Signal Transduction, such as sphingosines, ceramides, gangliosides, phosphatidyl inositol phosphates and many more, for microbiology and food research.

BIOTREND’s bioactive lipids are higly purified. BIOTREND offers more than 650 bioactive lipids as fatty acids, sphingosines, prostaglandins and leucotriens as well as tocotrienols (Vitamin E). Also a couple of ganglioside are available.

BIOTREND’s bioactive lipids could be used in Cancer, Inflammation research as it relates to inflammation associated diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, psoriasis, and Alzheimer's, nephrology, arthritis and dermatologyrelated diseases.

BIOTREND’s bioactive lipids are also used as reference stands in HPLC, MS-NMR analyses.

Mostly used bioactive lipids from BIOTREND are arachidonic- and linoleic acids.

Since 26 years BIOTREND sells worldwide bioactive lipids and provide also custom synthesis to customers in the biotechnology industry, pharmaceutical and big pharma industry, universities and research clinics as well as Max Planck-, Helmholtz- and Fraunhofer institutes

BIOTREND runs offices in Cologne - Germany, Wangen/Zurich – Switzerland
and Destin – Florida.

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