BIOTREND sells worldwide labelled ligands

BIOTREND produce and sell more than 2500 biological active labelled ligands, also a couple of them radioactive labelled with tritium [3H] or iodine [125I]. Ligand binding to a receptor (receptor protein) alters its chemical conformation (three-dimensional shape). The conformational state of a receptor protein determines its functional state. Ligands include substrates, inhibitors, activators, and neurotransmitters.

The vast list covers the following pharmacological targets:

Adenosines – Purinergics, Adrenergics.

Adrenomedullin - Angiotensins – Apelins

Benzodiazepins - GABA-ergics

Bombesins -Bradykinins – Cannabinoids, CGRP´s

Chemokines, Cholecystokinin and Gastrin

Cholonergics, Corticotropin Releasing Factors (CRF)

Dopaminergics, Endothelins, Enzyme Inhibitors

GABA -Glycine Receptor

Galanins – Ghrelins - Glutamate Receptor Compounds

Ionotropic / Excitatory Amino Acids, Glutamate Receptor Compounds

Metabotropic / Excitatory Amino Acids

Growths Factors – Histaminergics, Imidazolines

Ion Channel Modulators – Leukotrienes, MCH, Melanin Concentrating Hormone

Melanocortin Receptors – Melatonins

Neuropeptides, Natriuretic Peptides, Opioids and Sigma Ligands, Orexins, Peptides/Miscellenous, Prostanoids, Retinoids

Serotonergics, Signal Transduction Agents

Somatostatins / SRIF – Steroids, Tachikinins –Vasopressins.

Since 26 years BIOTREND sells worldwide labelled ligands for the research to customers in the biotechnology industry, pharmaceutical and big pharma industry, universities and research clinics as well as Max Planck-, Helmholtz- and Fraunhofer institutes.

BIOTREND runs offices in Cologne - Germany, Wangen/Zurich – Switzerland and Destin – Florida.

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